Neck Pain FAQs

Neck Pain FAQs From Your Birmingham Chiropractor

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Neck pain is something that just about every person will experience at some point. While your neck pain may stem from any number of underlying issues, our chiropractor in Birmingham can provide treatment to relieve your symptoms and make it less likely they will return. The following are some answers to common questions our patients have about neck pain.  

What Is Causing My Neck Pain?

Just as there are many types of neck pain, there are also many possible cases. For instance, we increasingly see patients with symptoms resulting from poor posture due to working at a computer all day or maintaining their neck in an awkward position while using their smartphone.

Similarly, sleeping in the wrong position can cause stiffness, soreness, or limited range of motion in your neck, and these issues may resolve with some stretching or they may require the attention of our chiropractor.

Other causes of neck pain are more significant, indicating that more intensive chiropractic treatment is necessary. These include whiplash injuries, such as those sustained in a motor vehicle collision, and neck pain due to arthritis or another underlying medical condition. A slipped or herniated disc in the cervical area can cause neck pain as well, and that pain may be confined to the area of injury or it may radiate outward into your shoulder and down your arm.

What Types of Neck Pain Can a Chiropractor Treat?

Our Birmingham chiropractor can treat all types of neck pain, and the precise treatment we provide will be determined in large part by the underlying cause of your symptoms. In general, though, we’ll perform some gentle chiropractic adjustments to ensure all of your vertebrae are properly aligned. We’ll also provide treatment to reduce inflammation in the surrounding soft tissues, which helps to alleviate pain and facilitate efficient circulation.

How Can I Prevent Neck Pain?

Depending on the reason for your neck pain, we may recommend some lifestyle adjustments, such as rearranging your workstation or taking periodic breaks. Our chiro can teach you how to stretch and exercise to strengthen the supporting muscles in your neck and help you maintain proper posture, and we’ll also advise you on how to work these into your daily routines.

What Should I Expect on My First Visit?

 When you come to our chiropractor for neck pain treatment, we’ll first complete a thorough physical exam. We’ll also talk with you about the nature and progression of your symptoms, and we’ll review your medical history.

Once we have a full picture of the nature and contributing factors to your condition, we’ll put together a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your needs. This may include a combination of chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, stretches, heat and ice regimens, and more.  

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